Auto Split

Hey PG,

I have set up an ‘Chaptering’ Process which splits up an large Audiofile on generic Marker points and saves them into a new folder.
There is an ‘Insert silence’ Option which would be very handy IF there was an ‘Strip Silence’ BEFORE the ‘Insert Silence’.

This way I would be able to split up a file, strip the silence of the corresponding files and have equal ‘spacing’ in every file. :nerd:

At the moment I have to do the following processes:

  1. Auto Split => Chaptering => Cutting into Chapters
  2. Auto Split => Cut-HeadnTail => to remove unequal empty audio before/after the audio
  3. Batch process ==>Audio Injector ==> inserting 2 sec of silence

This would speed up things a lot - all the assets already exist.
Thanks for listening.


Thanks, I note your use case.