Auto stem direction - note b´?

Dear Forum,

the stem down auto switch should happen from note b’ , right?


Engraving Options–Notes–Stems–Stem Direction.

Without looking it up right now, I seem to recall that there is not an option to have center line note/stems go up on choral staves only. Isn’t that the recommendation for choral/vocal music, because of the lyrics underneath? (Didn’t Sibelius have this?)

Correct, there is not an option for this.

While some publishers might conform to such a convention, I don’t think this is generally recommended. Typically lyrics are not sufficiently close to the staff that the half-space protrusion from a downward stem on the middle line makes any difference anyway. If your lyrics are close enough to be interfered with by a half-space stem protrusion, I’d argue that the real problem is that the lyrics are too close to the staff.