Auto Sync Audio From Multiple Sources

I have 4 cameras and multiple recording devices, which include Roland R-09, couple of TASCAM DR40s, each cam has 4-5 clips.

I can have up to 14 tracks of audio that needs to be synced, multiply that by 5 clips each and that’s a LOT of tedious work to manually sync these tracks in Cubase.

I’ve been using a plug-in called Plural Eyes with my video software (Vegas Pro 12), to sync the audio, mix and export only the audio track. Every audio track is exactly the same length, then import into Cubase.

I’d be soooo much more efficient just import the audio directly from the video clips, sync and start editing the audio.

Also, I don’t really like to mixdown the audio from Vegas before getting it to cubase and mixdown out again to import into Vegas then mixdown again for the final render.

If I could do this straight from Cubase, this will eliminate one mixdown process and a lot of time to pre-sync the audio in Vegas.

I could edit the audio in Vegas but I much prefer Cubase which is so much better.

Can anyone else use such a feature or am I the only one??? (;