Auto-sync Editors

I would love to see an option that would cause the key editor (piano role view) and the tempo editor stay in sync with respect to position and zoom. It’s easy enough to switch between those two editors with a single keystroke, so I can easily get by without having both MIDI and tempo available in a single edit window. But manually maintaining position sync between the two editors is very tedious. Auto-syncing the key editor and the tempo editor would be a huge productivity improvement for anyone who makes extensive use of both.

I wanted to add a few thoughts to the original request. The idea would be that if one had both tempo and key editors fully maximized, switching between them would show an identical layout with respect to what data is shown when using the coordinated editor option. To that end, it would be advantageous to force the views to use the same horizontal spacing (time linear, bars and beats … I may not be using the correct terms since I’m not at my DAW). If you turn on the option, the tempo editor would take on the alignment option currently used in the key editor (or some similar auto setting of the property).

Also, the leftmost position of the start of the editable data would ideally be kept aligned. If the key editor had the inspector showing, then perhaps the tempo editor could be given a suitably wide left margin. If that weren’t possible, the user can always designate the inspector to be hidden, and the two views would become nearly aligned but not quite. A left margin adjustment (i.e., the tempo editor using a slightly wider left margin) would still be helpful if the two editors were to show identical amounts of data.

The other I didn’t mention is probably obvious, but let me state it anyway. I’m only talking here about horizontal positioning. Vertical zooming position would have no need to be coordinated.

You must have used old Emagic Logic somewhere in your past.

It was good at keeping different panels looking at the same thing. Wasn’t perfect though. As I look at Cubase’s Workspace design I see this control over windows and positions is NOT highly valued by their team. Nuendo 1.5 had a better Workspace set of options, they took them out, never to return.

The Global workspace I find an improvement.

As far as what you are asking, I support any synchronicity between windows. I see this going in a docking direction though, with users who do not want to dock, will have low priority to their needs.