Auto-titling of doubler parts

I have one flow wherein my Oboe 2 / English Horn player is only playing the latter throughout. The part however still says “Oboe 2 & English Horn”. Is there a way to simplify it just to say English Horn? Or to automatically indicate somewhere that this is the only instrument used in this particular flow?

Addendum: hmm, it seems that the part names aren’t procedurally generated after all, but rather come from the names of the players. I assume these are constant and can’t be changed on a per-flow basis. Open to other ideas!

These actually come from the name of the layouts, if memory serves me right, which are populated automatically with the Player’s name when the layout is first created.

You can, of course, change anything you want that’s inherited from a master page. Just double click on the Text to edit it, as you would with any other text.