Auto track switching

Hi all,

I use Cubase live to play various VST’s through my MIDI keyboard along with parts of a pre-composed Cubase song that I play along to. To switch between instruments on the fly, I’m resorting to using the up/down arrows on the laptop keyboard at various parts of the song. Is there a way to get Cubase to switch to a different active track at a certain timestamp without pressing a key? This would make it far easier to do more when playing live!

An idea…
You could use automation to enable/disable your VSTs all inserted on a single instrument track.

Or, if you really need to have seperate tracks, you can automate seperate tracks to mute/unmute the track and enable/disable the VST.

My preference would be to do my 1st thought on one track if I could insert the correct amount of VSTs

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Thanks buddy, I’ll look into this!
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