Auto transposing

Vocal track is automatically transposing without any plugin or any setting. Tried reinstall but problem still persists. need help please

Hi and welcome on the forum,

Make sure, your project Sample Rate matches your Audio Device Sample Rate, please.

Hey… thanks for your response…the problem still exists…need help !

What is your project sample rate?
What is your audio interface sample rate?
What is the sample rate your files recorded in?

got vocals from a client so i dont know…in my setup 44\16 both project and interface

facing this problem now …earlier didnt faced any

Find it out? Maybe?

Is your audio transposed up or down?


Please, double-check in the Pool.

transpose is 0…no plugin is added…sample rate is also same…

How did you imported the vocals? MP3? Are the original recordings available? Same format as the imported files?

dragged direct wav file