Auto unmute FX buses on new created sends

I everyone, quick question regarding on how Cubase mutes and unmutes the FX returns
Is there an option to automatically unmute the fx return when a new assingment is made to a reverb bus for example ?
Imagine this situation.
I have two cymbals tracks, i want to threat them equally so i create a new dedicated bus called cymbals bus (for example). But …i was listening them in solo ( in a 100 tracks session) before i decided to create that group… after that i decide i want to send that cymbals group to a reverb…so i make it happen activating the correct send…but…nothing happens! i need to unsolo and solo quickly the Cymbals group so i can make decisions on how much i will send .
Is there an option so that when we send stuff to FX´s , those effects know that they should be available instantly ?

I dont mean making the FXs tracks Solo defeat…i dont want that…i´m aware of it…that’s not what i am looking for.


In Reaper, there is a preference that i really enjoy.
Maybe i can make it a feature request for Cubase.


solo is a special state of routing and not a normal state to the engine…
to take changes into account you have to switch the solo states again
This has nothing to do with mutes… it’s a solo thing

hi @st10ss Thanks for your reply.
Yes, you´re right with the “mute”, maybe i should have spent more time trying to explain better.
That being said its always needed to solo the FX bus too or to unSolo the Cymbals bus and solo again so the “new” routing gets on the audio engine , correct ? Thats what i´ve been doing since i bought Cubase. Thought there could be an option for this case.

But in fact its a mute thing, because when you´re in solo all other tracks are in mute state…so…i guess i was not entirely wrong :smiley:

no, the routing is applied instantly, but it get’s not into account in the solo situation,
because all your tracks are muted through the solo function (this includes new tracks as well)
if nothing is soloed it works as you would expect… that’s what I mean with “solo is a special state”

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