Auto Waveform Matching / Syncing

It would be a dream to have a function that can compare waveforms of different clips and sync up the matching sections. This would be incredible for syncing location/original recordings to guide tracks.

I believe some video edit systems can do this already, I’m not sure how successfully though. It would be so incredibly useful in a DAW though, a real game changer.

Would anyone else find this useful? It would be a majorly used feature by me. Right now I use third party software to do just this.

Or can Nuendo already do this and I’m just missing it?

Hi, does field recorder audio import serve your needs? It retrieves matching audio files based on different attributes (but not waveforms) and imports them into your project following an edited track.

No, I’m specifically talking about audio/waveform matching. I normally use Matchbox to do this but I’m surprised it’s not built into DAWs. I’ve been working on animation projects and sometimes the awful storyboard audio makes it into the AAF presented to me. I then have to sift through what may be hours of files to look for a word.

There are many ways to find the matching source audio but the fastest is often just dropping the sources file and the reference file into Matchbox and finding it that way. It would be amazing if Nuendo could do this itself.

We digitize analogue recordings and can often only record tapes for 5 minutes because the tape rubs off and smears. To do this, we stop the tape, clean the tape heads and turn the tape back a little. All the takes now have to be brought back together.
Such recognition where the areas overlap would be a blessing. That would save hours of work.

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Yes, this would be an amazing feature!

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