Autocompleting command names while you type

Dear Nuendo and Cubase Community,
With a Python Script I have converted the keycommands.xml data to a list of all available commands in a txt file.
This dictionary can be imported into clipboard managers, text expanders and many other applications.
Amongs other cool features they have Autocomplete to offer!

So if your not sure how the exact wording of a command is Autocomplete will suggest possible matches for you.
This helps with more precise communication, makes you better understood and reduces the problem of participants having to make blurry presumptions. Also using and learning more precise language and broadening your vocabulary of commands will help you to get to know the DAW of your choice even better. And the following tool can assist with that.

Here is how to get Autocomplete for Nuendo and Cubase Commands going with Phrase Express:

  1. Download and install free Phrase Express from here:
  2. Install Phrase Express and open it
  3. In the column “Folder and phrases” on the left drag all folders and phrases one by one down to the trash can folder. Get rid of all phrases and folders!
  4. Now drag the attached txt file for your DAW into the phrase column of phrase express.
  5. In the Import Options dialog choose the point “Generate phrases for each line of the text file”
  6. In the next import function dialog uncheck “split into columns by delimiter” and press on ok
  7. In “Folder and phrases” column click on the newly created Folder with the name of the txt file you have imported.
  8. Next to the “Auto text” field on the right where it says “Execute after default delimiter” choose “Smart Complete”
  9. Turn off automatic Startup with the OS: Under Settings–> Options–> Features–> “Start Phrase Express with OS”
  10. You can close Phrase Express when you don’t need it but open it when you want to communicate stuff about Nuendo or Cubase in the Forums.

If you mess up the settings, this is how to reset Phrase Express:

The Autocomplete of Phrase Express unfortunately only works for matches at the beginning of an entry. So when you type “Selec” you get all commands that start with “Selec”. For our Usecase however it is often desired that the matching works more like the magnifying glass in the “KeyCommand” Dialog. There one you type “Selec” all commands that start with “Selec” will be found but additionally also all commands that have words in them that start with “Select”. If you want this type of filtering you must open Phrase Express and use the Search function the left side where all the Phrases are listed.

Happy Autocomplete!
Word List Of Cubase 10 Commands. 1685 (11.2 KB)
Word List Of Nuendo 10 Commands. 1788 (11.8 KB)