AutoFilter can control volume of ReleaseSamples?


i created an acoustic instrument
NoteON - contains Samples
NoteOFF - contains Release Samples.

ProgramBus contains
AutoFilter (dB-Dim and CutOff) is connected to FootCtrl 04 - giving Expression and connected to MacroPage.

Two questions:
1.) When giving AutoFilter via FootCtrl ( -12dB) both Samples (originale and release) are dimmed - perfect. When pushing the Expression to max the just ringing ReleaseSamples are also pushed to a new volume. That is logic but they should not ring in their now by the FootCtrl given new volume. They should given in their original volume, when they started (given by the FootCtrl just before).

Volume of ReleaseTriggered Samples are in this way a bit spooky and are crashing the illusion of room.
How to avoid?

2.) AutoFilter is now in the ProgramBus just at the End of the whole Program. Can it be given after the NoteON and NoteOff-Section? I am puzzling with the only 4 Effects for converting later to Halion SE. How to implement efficently in the Programm Tree?

Thanks in advance!