Autofit Faders in Mix Window

Does anyone know of a way to make faders auto fit or fill the current window much like “Zoom Tracks Full” key command does in the project page? I would like to be able to press a key command and have it fill my space based on what is currently showing and how big I have made the mixer. If there are any work arounds or macros I can make I would love to hear them. I keep pressing G and H to zoom in and out. The other project page key commands don’t seem to translate even with “Use Standard Zoom Commands” checked in the functions menu in the mixer top right.

Try using the overview display at the top, I find this much more useful and comfortable than the normal zoom and panning controls.
Even better with the CMC-TP - but alas …

Thanks, that actually is what I have been using in the mean time. The problem is I am constantly scrolling to the end to see how many tracks I have and doing the math of how many inputs and outputs I am showing to know what number to type in. Not a deal breaker but just not as fast as I would like.

What on the CMC-TP is better? I didn’t see any related functions. Can you somehow go directly to that channel count with it? I have even tried to AppleScripts going to the window on a Mac but CB is not very Universal Access friendly so the OS is not aware of the button.

I believe that you can enter some improbably high value, like 999, (well, really just the number of channels in the console + 1) and the interface will show all the channels.

This is on the CMC-TB? I enter in a high number but then there is a bunch of dead space on smaller sessions, not optimized in size.

Sorry about that. I understand now the key word was optimize!

I don’t know a way for Cubase to do that. It would be a great feature request though.

No worries, I appreciate any help I can get and that could have been something I overlooked. It would be neat if there was a way to make a macro to type 999 since it is faster than zooming. In the mean time I just made a macro that does the zoom command in and out 10 times in one shot.

The CMC-TP allows not only scrolling, but also swiping plus two finger pinching to zoom in and out - much like on a tablet or iPhone. There’s simply no faster or more convenient method in my experience.

Cool thanks, I can’t seem to find any videos that show zooming the mixer with it but I have found a few zooming Cubase and it looks fast and smooth. I have Cubase iC Pro and an MCU (Mackie Control Universal) and neither of those seem to have a nice smooth function like that ribbon.

If the mixer has the focus, the ribbon controller on the TP does indeed control the mixers zoom factor. :slight_smile: