Autogain in channel strip or a plugin

why don’t we have a stock plugin, or a channel in channel strip, or before or after pregain.

just a simple one with target loudness and noisefloor., with different algorithm “settings”. getting tired of all the fiddling with doing everything manually. it’s still 23. and should be easy for steinberg to program. all the ways that exist now are bad and take time.

so please add this to cubase 13.

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Are you serious? Autogain? Wow…

Yes a vocal rider. Just for faster workflow from external gear and vocal. So yes i am yes i am serious. as well as sitting and mixing and mastering 2-3 hour podcasts, can be quite difficult. however, I have isotope with RX 10 for this, however sickly heavy plugins. but such a small simple thing saves time. just with podcasts for me anyway. cubse already has all this with it being in the wrong format. no one can bear fiddling with uneven audio files with extremely small boxes and thin lines. you’re not 20 anymore.

you can clearly grind everything down in an expander maximizer compressor and limiter etc. but why then when there could have been a steering wheel with auto threshold that is slightly different in appearance and a steering wheel with noise floor. so you have captured most of the dynamic space in 2 minutes and without plugins that burn up the PC.

Thats not autogain, btw.

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I know that hehe, you understand what i mean. Maby its not you think about. What is your 5 most anticipated improvements and simplifications you want in cubase 13?

What’s with the attitude?
Any user on these forums should be able to request a new feature without getting snarky comments like this.


Alot of error message on cubase today hehe