Autohide when disabling tracks?

This would be an extra option in the visibility agent which when ticked auto-hides any track when it is set to disabled. I find that I am constantly doing exactly this operation. I could probably set up a macro, but a drop down option would be neat.

If you reset a previously disabled track to visible, then it would stay visible until manually hidden again, or hidden by Hide Disabled Tracks option.


This is the perfect way. Then you can call the Macro from the menu or assign own Key Command.

Btw, how do you hide disable tracks? Do you use PLE to search for disabled tracks and hide them? Or do you always do this command sequence?

Hi Martin, my typical routine is this.

I might create five different pad synth sounds to compare and provisionally pick one. I then Disable the others by Highlight> Rt Click> Disable, Then Visibility Agent> Hide Disabled.

NB. I prefer to Disable over Mute because A) it helps CPU and B) it is easy to unmute a track without realising it (Using global Mute button for example)

For me a “Disable and Hide” function in the Visibility Agent and on the Rt Click Menu would save key strokes and time. Of course tracks can be re enabled and made visible at will.