Autohotkey Focus follows cursor

Hello there everyone,
In my never ending quest avoid using the mouse, I purchased the Microsoft surface Dial. I was able to write some autohotkey script that enables the Dial to work as a mouse scroll wheel in cubase. (thank you, autohotkey for making it possible for a noob like me to figure this out).

Now here is what would be really cool:
You know how you can press the up, down, left, and right keys, and also the tab key, and you can kind of navigate through the mixer with the location highlighted in a red rectangle? (if anyone can provide me with the correct terms of art for what I’m trying to say here, I would be ever so grateful)
Is there a way to get the mouse focus to follow the red rectangle? Either via Cubase, or autohotkey? Then I could use the arrows to get where I want to be, and use the dial to change the parameters.

Alternatively, I’m thinking about programming autohotkey shortcuts to move the mouse to different places on the screen where I need Mouse focus. I also have a Stream deck in which I can program the shortcuts.

I think the combination of the surface dial and stream deck has a lot of potential for those of us who would prefer not to use the mouse to much. I already have lots of key commands in stream deck and it works great.

Anyway, any insights would be appreciated.