Autohotkey gurus, help!

Hello I am looking to add a second num pad to have some key commands and I am trying to use Luascript y Autohotkey (more on that later).

The problem is, I can seem to get cubase 8.5 and autohotkey to comunicate…at least as a test
I have tried using an unused key in my main keyboard to send Ctrl+v to try pasting:

Send ^v

Everywhere is working, but cubase does nothing (just pasted the script here with autohotkey)

Can you tell me what am I doing wrong?


Quick Update…

I made a quick test with HidMacros, an utility for more than one keyboard. It recognized my second keyboard and I can paste in any program using a key from the second keyboard.

BUT cubase doesn´t seem to receive the key commands!

Hi Pablo

I’ve done a bit with Cubase and auto hot key but I’m no expert. I have a feeling that the send^v command is wrong, I think the ^v has to be in brackets or commas of some kind it’s also good to use winactivate to make sure it gets sent to the right window, have a good look in the ahk docs and tutorials

Best regards


Hi, thanks for the response, I have tried letters, between brackets, I have copied scripts from this forum with winactivate and I have them working with other applications, just not cubase.

also, Has anybody tried HidMacros?

Having used (and still use) Autohotkeys quite a bit with Cubase, one thing that this could possibly be is a focus issue. Not sure of the resulting feature you want Cubase to execute but if the feature is not in focus (the current active window) it will not work.

Hi, the window is in focus,and I am triyng to perform just a single test using ctrl+v.

}:: send ^v

I can use the regular keycommand in my keyboard in the project window to paste something, so it seems it is in focus. but it’s not working with the key that I set in autohotkey. I am also using winactivate and also tried scripts that I have found in the forum.

I can use the hotkey in word, notepad and other editing software. Also I can get Hidmacro yo comunicate woth cubase.

Thanks for the response and keep them coming please

I’ve been using Autohotkey quite a bit with Cubase lately and generally it works perfectly. I’ve noticed that Cubase can be a bit fussy about certain modifier key combinations, particularly when they involve the CTRL modifier.

Try this in your script. It works for me:

SendEvent, ^v

Hello, I tried that and didn´t work, I changed }:: for d:: (just in case it didn´t like the key I had chosen)

but it seems that cubase is not responding to autohotkey. When I press “d” on my keyboard it uses the keycommand asigned for that key, so autohotkey is not intercepting and sending the script. I have tested every cubase script I founded here and autohotkey forums. Also not working with HidMacro

I used your script in vegas and notepad and it pasted perfectly.

Cubase can´t seem to be able to respond to this application here. I am running it as administrator. But I don´t know what to try next

For anyone interested, I think I found the issue.

Cubase was running with administrator rights, so autohotkey script must be running in administrator mode also!

I think I solved it, sorry for wasting your time, but who knows, maybe someone finds this thread useful someday


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