Automap - afreekingain !

My first post ! Now on Cubase pro 10, and Automap is once again one step behind. I still have 9.5 installed where it works fine. Any advice ? - Back to 9.5 for a while or is there an alternative option. I use SL Mkll controllers, is there maybe other software I could use to control Cubase.

I do have an old spare & redundant NI Maschine controller too, would that be usable.

Any replies would be greatly appreciated,thanx.

Hi and welcome,

Start to use Quick Controls instead of outdated Automap.

If you go to the Novation / Focusrite beta’s site you will find version 4.4.13b2 which should work with Cubase 10. You might have to sign up but its just an email address.

Martin is right though - Automap is outdated, will continually break with each new release. I’m saying that as someone who has also given up on Automap and just uses my SL keyboard in midi controller mode.

Thank you both for your replies, I’ll have a look at these options and see where it gets me !

Ka’boom ! Automap down loaded & working, sorted.

Better have a look now at quick controls, more stuff to learn I guess ?

Thank again.