Automap and C6 vst3 plugins

Just done a clean install of W7 32bit with C6. Installed Automap 3.7 after installing all other 3rd party plugins and everything is fine with vst2.x plugins (both 3rd party and C6 bundled). Problem is that most of the vst3 plugins are not working with Automap. Nothing crashes or anything; Automap simply doesn’t recognise a vst3 plugin when it’s displayed. When I look in plugin info in C6 only Prologue (SynthEngine.vst3) and Surround Panner (surroundpanner.vst3) are showing as using the Automap wrapped plugins. All the Automap wrappers for the vst3 plugins have been successfully created. I was previously using XP SP3 and C5.5.2 on the same machine and all the vst3 plugins worked fine with Automap. I’m guessing that this might be something to do with the new vst3.5 SDK. Anyone else having the same problem?



Same here. :frowning:

Has anyone automap working with c6 vst3 plugs?

I installed both the x86 and x64 versions of Cubase 6. Automap was only wrapping the x64 versions, and they don’t work, except Loopmash, and the two previously mentioned are shown in the plugin information as wrapped.
After uninstalling the x64 version of Cubase the VST3 plugins were no longer available in the Automap plugin manager(?). I did a repair of the x86 Cubase, they re-appeared and were automap wrapping (program files (x86)/…), but do not work, not even Loopmash. They do not appear as automap wrapped in plugin information.
I have upgraded from SX3, so I have no experience of how Automap and VST3 plugins worked previously.
Thought I would add my findings though.

Glad I saw this post… Just bought the 6 upgrade for my Win 7 64 bits workstation, and I was thinking of purchasing a 49 SL MKII to go with Halion Sonic, but this gives me pause.

If Automap isn’t working, is it possible to create an non Automapped template for Sonic and at least control it in that fashion? Has anyone tried this?

Many thanks!

I contacted Novation Support about this… still waiting to hear back, but I will update the thread when I do. In the mean time, it would be great to hear if this issue is happening to other Novation / vst3 users.

Same problem here :unamused:

yes, same problem.

my latest info is, that they are about to test it with cubase 6…

This is what they have in their site:
“VST plug-in instruments and FX can be controlled instantly with SL MkII’s knobs, buttons and faders (VST 3 support is currently being developed)”

I haven’t upgraded (yet) to Cubase 6, but I want to buy an SL MK II.

Have you tryed native VST3 plugins? What about VST3 Waves plugins? Is Automap working fine in Cubase 5, but not working with Cubase 6? Which VSTs?


In my case activating automap VST3 on plug in manager makes all automap vst plugs to loose their function.
When i try to open any automaped plug Automap simply says " no control maps assigned to this group".
On Cubase 5 everything worked as expected what´s happening now?
On Pro Tools Automap works perfect (just to point where may be the issue)

Any updates from Novation yet? I just got C6 (upgraded from C4) and I was disappointed to discover this issue.


Beta 3.7.2 works with cubase6 vst3 despite HSLE

Anyone using Cubase 6 on Windows 7x64 as a non-administrative user? I do this for security reasons and have no problems with either Cubase 6x64 or any plugins, however Automap (including the latest beta 3.7.4) won’t work properly unless you are administrator – the Startup View has no graphics and automapped plugins won’t load – you can see them in the VST Rack but nothing happens when you try to load them.

On the other hand 3.7.4 correctly identifies x64 versions of plugins and sees VST3’s as well, so things are improving!