Automap - Cubase?

recently I am experiencing that my Novation Zero SL MkII loses ist Connection to the automap Server after some time.


Sorry if I am wrong in this Forum, maybe someone still can help

BR, ERnst

with me, my babyface loses connection if i leave it all idle for a long while…

maybe its the same issue… (and has to do with the new plug n play system i have not tried yet…idk…)

Check the RME forums/FAQ
I had the same problem when I first bought my Babyface.
I DO NOT have the foggiest memory of what I did to fix it, but it’s been working OK for a couple of years now.

Thx=) It’s been working fine for me too (since it was released)…
Idk why this has started with C9… - maybe its cuz I changed video drivers too… idk…
(it only happens after a more than an hour of idle time)

Hi, good News here: In my case things had nothing! to do with cubase.

I have KompleteKontrol as well installed (next to the novationzeroslmkII with automap). I found out that the disconnection happened only when I had the komplete Keyboard in use as well. After some fresh install (first automap, then the latest komplete kontrol Driver) things seem to be stable for quite a Long time so far.

I assume it had to do with the Drivers and/or bonjour Services.

BR, ERnst

USB selective suspend??

I am having issues with loosing all MIDI in Win 10, Cubase 8.5/9. I load a stand alone piano and this does not recieve MIDI too. I think WIn 10 may have MIDI issues. I have tried lots of solutions, but a restart is the only thing that works. I don’t know the cause, it happens seemingly randomly, after a couple of hours, across all USB ports. All devices are up to date including everything in device manager.

You might want to wire up a standalone for trouble shooting your device outside of Cubase and verifying if it is Cubase or not.


Selective suspend was disabled already… - Thanks for your selfless act of caring.