Automap is gone in 64bit

I’m receiving great help from Novation support but we haven’t managed to fix the problem, thus I’m turning to you guys for further help with solving my problem.

Automap is working fine in 32bit, but it’s gone when opening Cubase in 64bit (Novation Automap doesn’t show in the drop-down list in Device Setup).

I removed all the Automap stuff and then re-installed Automap 3.7, but problem remains.

Any suggestions what to do?

Thanks in avance!


Have you checked the correct files are in the components folders for both versions?

Thanks for your reply!

I have a feeling you’re asking an important question. I did right-click on the app → package content and found the file cubaseautomap…bundle…something in this component folder, but when you say “components folders for both versions” it sounds like there should be two of these folders, one 32bit and one 64bit. Right? If so, where do I find them and how do I tell them apart? Maybe I’ve only seen the 32bit folder all the time, and maybe the cubaseautomap file is actually missing from the 64bit folder, which I then obviously don’t know where to find.

Could you pse throw some more light on this?

Thanks in advance!

Check your Novation folder where you should find CubaseAutomapClient64.dll, Then bring it to the 64 bit component folder of Cubase. I’m not on a Mac but maybe that will do it.

Also not a Mac user so can’t point you exactly where but yes you have 2 cubase install folders & in each components subfolder you need the file Elfen mentioned.

I’ll do that once I find the 64 bit component folder. So far I’ve only found one such folder already containing this file and therefor assuming it’s the 32 bit folder.


Just in case someone might experience the same kind of problem running automap 3.7 with Cubase in 64bit, please note that Novation tech support has logged this as a bug and a fix will be ready…when it’s ready.