Automap not following Waves plugins - bug still not solved?

Hello fellow Cubasers!

I have some projects that needs to be finished with an older Cubase version - Cubase v6.0.7

In short, I have a problem described in Automap v4.3 release note as an issue:

“Waves 8 plug-in will not auto focus when wrapped or not wrapped.”

But I’m using the latest Automap version now, Automap v4.10.

Has this issue not been addressed yet?

I know that this should not be something Cubase related, but as Novation has shut down their support forum, I want to ask if some Cubase user can sheed a light over this.

Btw, I’m using Waves v8 Central, Automap v4.10 and ZeRO SLMkII hardware.

Please let me know, and thanks in advance!


Let me answer my own question as I got a response from Novation support (yay!)

To get this fixed, one need to upgrade to Waves v9r30.

And that’s it. :smiley: