Automap plugin focus?

Hello guys,

I am trying to setup Novation Nocturn to work as a plugin controller for mixing.

How do I focus automap on a specific inserted plugin? I mean, how do I enable control for a specific plugin without navigating Automap’s window with the controller? Can I somehow make automap focus on a plugin that I click on?

I already downloaded Automap 4.13b2 and followed the software setup wizard for my Cubase version. However, I’m facing two major inconveniences:

  1. Navigating Automap’s window within the FX section to select the plugin is imprecise because the track names don’t show within the Automap window, so it’s impossible to tell which plugin you are enabling among all the plugins of the same name. For instance, if I have 8 compressors inserted among different tracks, Automap only shows items called “Compressor”, but there is no way to know which item belongs to which track or insert slot.
  2. In Automap’s FX section there are several unwanted items called “input filter” and “MixConvert V6”, so in order to select any plugin to control it, I need to trough a complicated method: first press the FX button on the MIDI controller, then navigate three pages and finally guess to select the plugin I want to control. Most of the time, this needs to be repeated because you chose the incorrect instance of the plugin. It’s way too cumbersome. It defeats the whole purpose of the fluidity generated by using a MIDI controller.

These two problems render automap useless for plugin control. It’s such a shame…

I think I found the solution.

It’s partial, but good enough I guess. If anyone finds alternatives, please post them here.

What I found is that you can go to Automap’s preferences and activate “Follow on screen plugin where possible”. This way Automap focuses on the most recently active plugin, the one that you most recently have clicked on.

This works perfectly for all VST3 plugins as well as channel strip devices, EXCEPT, the channel strip EQs, which for some reason, are mapped to Automap’s user page.

Whats the best way to easily access Cubase’s channel strip eqs within Automap?