Automap - solved a problem

Hi, I had problems with Novation Automap and updating Cubase 5 to C 6 - both versions i.e. x64 and x86.

After updating to C 6 x64 and x86 Automap showed up in the “Device list” as “Novation Automap” in x64 only. It didn’t show up in C 6 32 bit “Device list” only the midi ports. It seems that Automap installs the needed dll:s i.e. “CubaseAutomapClient.dll” and “CubaseAutomapClient64.dll” in the x64 folder “Steinberg\Cubase6\Components” only. I copied the two dll files to the 32 bit “…\Components” folder and “Novation Automap” showed up in the “Device list”.

Maybe this can be to any help to C 6 and Novation Automap users with both C6 bit-versions installed.

I have only C6 x64 and automap.

Are your vst3 Plugins all automapped?

Hi, unfortunatly I haven’t been able to automap them.