automapping HSSE in C7 ?

Ive searching in every folder going looking for the HSSE dll to wrap the bloody thing but can I find it ??? NO , I might as well bash my head against a brickwall .I checked in x86 Steinberg ,Steinberg ,plugin’s,vst 3 plugin’s and %AppData% bla bla bla and im stumped … Would one of you kind chaps with the brain size of a sperm whale care to share this very hidden piece of information before I staple my nose to the coffee table ?

absolute spiffly kind regards

Firstly you realise that there is no instrument with this name…it’s a sound set you load into Halion Sonic.

Secondly…you can easily find the path to any VST dll by looking in the plug-in information window.

cheers grim I never realised there were so many locations for different dll files , splattered all over the place . Well I wrapped it but still no joy for some reason ,the HSSE box is ticked in automap and the dll file is wrapped but still not doing anything , oh well I was thinking of purchasing halion 4 but not if there is a problem automapping it .

thanks anyway