automate 2 plugins at once ?


i have a doppler that i automate with the mouse.
but then i want to automate a filter basically following the doppler move … but. inverted :stuck_out_tongue: and less strong … say 50% of the moves. automation would look like that if you want :
track 1 : UU
track 2 : nn
i don’t know any other solution than do 2 passes (more time)
copy one automation on the other lane and manually keep anchor points but move / invert all manually (mooore time)
is there a way to automatically do that with some address / invert / ratio function ?

Link the two tracks (see quicklink & link options) while writing automation.



but Quicklink is about linking parameter from a track to same parameter of another track right ? so moving one affect the other(s)
you can select link, independently different parameters or not. i use this alot.
but is is possible to link say filter from INS1 plugin to wet/dry from INS2 plugin with logic function link invert and 50% strengh
that’s what i’m talking about :wink:
so changing the filter from INS 1 will also act on the reverb dry wet of track 2.
sounds “crazy” for traditional mix (… maybe not) but for sound design is usefull.

Sorry, reading your first post made me thinking you anted to link two (equal) plugins on different tracks.


if by chance its “waves” doppler plugin,waves just released great free updated plugin called “studio rack” there you can load waves plugins and set macro to do what you described here
(well steinberg a great idea to have similar native in cubendo,S1 has it for long time)

wow… i didn’t realise waves price droped that much.
i remembered in the 2000 price was insane high for me at the time.
do these work great with nuendo today ?