Automate Dead Space and Export Tracks Individually

So I am working off of Cubase 10 pro, for voice narrations -big novels. Typically I create a marker track for each chapter and create 1.5 seconds of dead space before each chapter and 3 seconds on the end of each chapter.
Its quite a bit tedious and makes for a very long project in my “project window”. It also makes it a bit of a chore to converse with the client regarding errors in my production due to the client sees only individual chapters and goes by the time stamp individually, yet my project is this long horizontal project.
I was wondering if anyone knew a better way to do this, where I could create individual tracks and easily have 1.5 seconds of dead space before any audio and 3 seconds space of dead space after the audio. And then beable to export these tracks separatly all at once?

Cant you just create an audio track for each chapter and have them all start at second 1?
You would then choose which chapter to play with Mute and Solo.

Regarding mixdown you could use the Render Tracks function.

I assume the dead space at the beginning has to be defined by inserting silent audio events. For the end silence you can use the “tail” option from the dialog.