Automate enable\disable tracks for live use

Are you able to introduce the ability to automate enable\disable tracks please? I can see the option in key commands, but I use Cubase for live performance & I’m trying to conserve CPU usage by only wanting the VST instrument that I’m playing to be active.

And yes, I already own VST Live. But it’s missing too many features at the moment for me to be able to use it until the updates are released that include them.

Thank you.

Doesn’t enabling/disabling a track, while Cubase is playing, introduce an audible artifact due to Cubase interrupting the audio output stream to re-calculate the delay compensation? – At least it does that on my system.

Otherwise, if I’d want to automate key commands or macros in recent/current versions of Cubase, I’d probably try using midi remote control commands combined with a midi loopback setup.

i.e. set up a midi track with the required midi messages in the right places, and route that track out to a midi loopback port and right back in to one of MIDI Remote or Generic Remote (depending on Cubase version) after configuring that for the desired midi triggers of Cubase commands.

Are you doing this because you are having performance problems, or just because it seems like the right thing to do? If it’s the latter you might want to reconsider because you could put in a bunch of effort to set it up but not really impact anything significant. Reducing CPU usage from 70% to 50% pretty much gives you a bunch more unused CPU cycles & not much else.

It kind of makes sense that you can’t use Automation to disable a Track because Automation is meant to occur in realtime and disabling a Track likely is too slow for that to happen. Also once a Track is Disabled it can’t respond to Automation on that Track so you could never Automate Enabling a disabled Track. There is a Key Command to toggle between Enabled/Disabled. There is a Project Logical Editor Preset that uses it to Disable Muted Tracks. You could use that as an example but change it to look at Track names to determine which Tracks to Disable and assign those to Key Commands.

Here’s an example of making a selection based on text in the Track’s name.