automate insert effects

How can I automate a insert effect on and off(enable and disable)?
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Just record it?

It’s better to use the bypass,this way there is no interruption in audio playback

Thanks, it’s just a configuration problem, the bypass isn’t visible. I thought it was a new way of bypassing. Duhhh

You can record bypass, again just press REC

Read and wright automation should do it ,I bypass effect that way ,times when I want delay on certain words I automate the send on and off

I’m sorry Ralfie, but I don’t understand. Press record and turn the bypass light on or off where needed? Tried that and nothing happened

I don’t even think you need to press record do you? Try pressing that green “R” button and then the red “W” button that you see on every VST and VSTI plug-in? Then press play and if play doesn’t work press record. Then perhaps a review of the Cubase automation chapter might help.

Greggybud is right …when you open any plugin or vsti there is a w and r on top left then if you have the r button on any movements you make will automate that parameter…now in kontakt it’s a little different there is a automation tab on the vsti where you can map things to the quick controls or even midi control…hope this helps

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Yep i meant the rec button of the plugin, it even gives you a controller lane.
So enable rec on the track fir the plugin, toggle the plugin on/off, look for the corresponding controller lane and paste it anywhere you lke.