Automate Loop Size on Groove Agent


I try to do an effect which consist in repeating a sample with groove agent and changing the speed of the repetition gradually (for example if my sample was the sound “Ta”, I want to do this : Ta… ta… ta… ta…ta…ta…ta.ta.tatatatattttttttttttttttttttttttt(until frequency)ttttttttttttttttttt ta.ta…ta…ta…ta…Ta…Ta)

I could do it by playing with the loop End parameter on sample section but there is no way to automate this parameter…

I tried something else, using a midi track and ArpacheSX but no way to automate the parameter as well…

Anybody knows a tips for that ?

Thank you,


In the Beat Agent (not Acoustic Agent), there’s a tab for MIDI FX, on that Tab you have “delay” and if you move the repeats you can kind of get that sound. Assign the effect to the Pad (sample) and automate the mix or other parameters as well. You may have to automate some other aspects of the track to arrive at the final sound you want, perhaps EQ automation.

See: MIDI Effects:
MIDI Delay:

Good luck.

Thank you Stephen for your answer, this effect could work, I didn’t know that actually. But I still need find a way to have full control of the repeats…