Automate manual rebeaming of eighth notes?

Is there anyway to automate beaming of 8th notes? Trying to recreate an old edition which beams eights in 3/4 as if they ar ein 6/8 (e.g. 2 groups of 3) but beams all bother combos as if it’s 3/4 (E.g. 3 quarters is q q q, not q e-e q). I can use a hidden 6/8 to get the 8ths right, but then it screws up the beat 2 quarters…

I can use Beam Together obviously but this is a…lotta notes.

I’m afraid I can’t think of a reasonable way of doing this, but somebody cleverer than me may have an idea.

This is totally ridiculous, but it might save you time.

  1. Add a 3:3 tuplet to the first three 8ths.
  2. Hide the number from the properties panel.
  3. Hit Q to turn on chord mode
  4. Alt-click the 3:3 signpost to the first of each group of 8ths you want. If you have a whole stream of them you can use R to repeat.