Automate midi pitch of a vst?

Hello everyone,

Usually to automate the pitch of a soft synth I press W and move the pitch bend wheel and then I can select it in the Cubase automation dropdown under ‘PitchWheel’ and automate it.

But for some other soft synths (Repro5 to be exact) I move the pitch bend wheel while W is pressed and the automation is not being recorded at all…

How can I automate the pitch of that instrument? I know I’m asking about a specific vst but it’s really a general question, for soft synths that for some reason don’t respond to recording movement of the pitch wheel

Thanks in advance


There are 2 ways. You are using automation, which is not very common. The common way is to record the PitchBend data to the track. Enable Record of the Instrument track and hit Record. Then move the PitchBend wheel (joystick) on your MIDI Keyboard/Controller. The PitchBend MIDI data will be recorded to the MIDI Part. You can double-click it, open and edit it in the Key Editor.

Another way to automate pitchbend is with Midi Input Transformer, you can link any midi CC to pitchbend with that and automate like regular automation, which was way better than in the key editor prior to CB11.

There are some threads on this topic here…just search for CC To Pitchbend or something

Once set up, it actually works pretty easy

Hey thanks for your answer, but in case I don’t have a joystick on my keyboard, or sometimes I don’t even use an external MIDI keyboard, what can I do? Thanks

Hey I see thanks just a question please is it only available in CB11? I’m using CB 10.5


You can draw the line in the Key Editor by the Draw tool.

Oh how did I miss it
Thanks a lot!