Automate performance dial


How do i assign a controller to the style part dial in groove agent se?
(Right click on dial does nothing…?)


Ok, i have managed to map the dial via -> write automation on track-> assign to QC -> but lets be honest, this is totally unuseable how it is as a perform tool when mapped without being able to set the range of the QC…
Now cc value 16-31 is the main part
32-48 is i dont know what the hell is going on…
0-15 are intro fill and ending parts… (Skipping main)

What a mess!

Ok, lets see … There are 17 parts

Nice would be ->
main = value 0-7
Fills = 7 - 64
Endings= 65-92
Intro= 93-121

A good controller automation system with range edits would be nice too… (Endles QC slots / rightclick QC ->edit -> set range - split knob into X sections etc)

An easy way to solve this would be : rightclick stylepart number -> set CC value range. -> repeat for each of the 17 parts and save as default.
(Add a “and” function too so main part for example can have 2 ranges)

+every sound should be tuneable or transposeable (including ride (d#2) in the Studio Kit, dont you think that would make sense?
(Not that anything really makes sense anymore)