Automate track delay

Hi all,
I’ve searched a bit but can’t find an answer if it’s possible to automate the track delay on a midi track…not an option?

The automatable parameters can easily be looked up by simply opening the automation lane…

This is only possible if you use the “MIDI Modifiers” or “Quantizer” as MIDI Inserts, but you’re limited to a +/- 50ms range.

What are you trying to use track delay automation for? The MonoDelay effect with Mix set to 100%, Feedback set to 0 and the filters disabled might do the job.

Yes, but track delay unfortunately is not on the list of those available…

I work with VSL and large orchestras. Giving everybody a random offset of up to -30ms helps avoid everybody “attacking” exactly together, an additional layer of humanizing if you will. If it could be automated then it could be even more random and constantly changing, even if ever so slightly. Was taking a look at the Quantizer as a MIDI insert but can’t figure out how to automate it. I think that would suit my needs quite nicely.

Ok, I just tried writing the automation to the track and altering it as it went. Seems to do the trick.

Well - question answered.

How did you do it?

On the midi track open the Midi Inserts and add a Quantizer. Set the Quantize note to Off (slider appears, take it all the way to the right). With the midi track armed to record automations, hit play and move the Delay slider at the bottom back and forth for a few seconds. At this point you will have automations written to the automation track that will then be visibile. Until some information is recorded to the automation it doesn’t seem to be visible (maybe I’m missing something). Once you have a tiny bit of data written to the automation, you can easily open it (Inserts:Quantizer - Delay in the droplist) and with the Draw tool draw any pattern you like or otherwise use your fader to add variations in real time. I find it much quicker to draw random ups and downs to slightly vary the speed.