Automate two tracks at once

Hey guys,

in one project I’m not able to edit my tracks as I used to do.
Normally I select those points press and hold cmd on Mac and automate both tracks at the same time. What am I missing? Must be an option I accidentally turned off since every other project behaves like it always has.

Thanks in advance!

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Just want to say thank you
I did not know that this feature exists
I hope you find a solution to the problem

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Glad that I showed you this feature :slight_smile: its pretty handy and I use it all the time.

Unfortunately I didn’t find the solution yet.


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On Windows - Hold down CTRL and it works. On Mac i don´t know.

I use the default key commands so its odd that it doesn´t work for you on the Mac.

It definitely is. Especially because everything works fine in every other project :frowning: