Automate yamaha dm3 with cubase

I just purchased the DM3 for my mobile studio and im unable to get cubase to transport the automation to the board. I selected mackie control in the devices menu and chose midi in out for the dm3. Theres no documentation on this yet because its so new. Any idears?

I don’t have the DM3, but AFAICS, the Yamaha Steinberg USB driver should be installed for the DM3 to be remotely used with a host (page #27 of the DM3 Reference Manual, available on the Yamaha site as a PDF download).

Did you install the driver and, if so, could you provide a screenshot of Cubase Studio > Studio Setup > Audio System panel ?

Beside this, I’m not sure that the Mackie Control device is the relevent one to be choosed, here : seems like the Mackie HUI one would be better (page #269 of the same source).

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Thanks for the input! I found the answer around the same time as your message. It IS Mackie HUI and set to DM3 2. In order to get DAW control you have to select the Custom 1 & 2 buttons together. To go back to the DM3 settings you have to hit the HOME button.

Appreciate your help in this regard!

Hey Thomas!
Since you got this to work, can I ask you?
I’m trying to get this to work in logic pro and I think I did.
But there is no where I can adjust the gain on the pre-amps on the DM3 for recording.

Does that work for you In cubase?


There is an input gain on each channel on the board. You should see it in the menu on the left side of the menu. Top left i think

it has to be set to mackie HUI

Just picked up a DM3 so following this thread out of interest.
Early days for me but would be interested to know what settings anyone uses for Cubase in and out.
Sure it is obvious to people who use Yamaha desks but with all the routing options I am head scratching a bit at the moment.

I love mine but very limited on what you can do with it because youre stuck at 96k. I mean thats great but Ive had to revert to my old audio device because nuendo/cubase requires 48k 512 for atmos and you cant do it with the dm3. Ill use the dm3 for vocals.

I basically came into the dm3 thinking in terms of controllers ive used. This isnt a controller but a pro board where everything needs to be routed. I was used to plug and play. So i started watching the yamaha videos with the creepy guy going through all the features. I finally had to set some time and call yamaha and tell them exactly how i wanted to use it and they were really helpful in teaching me routing. Still dont know much but i know enough to be up and running. Id suggest making notes on what you need it for and call them. Their staff is great

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I just got a DM3 after years of 20 years of using Mackie Onyx1640.
I am totally stuck with integrating with Cubase.
Downloaded the driver and Cubase seam to recognize the DM3 but I can’t get to play anything through it. Can’t find any decent documentation or tutorial video for getting started with connecting to the computer at all, to say the least about integrating with a DAW.
I have so much work to do and can’t accomplish a single task now.
Please help!!! Thanks

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in the user manual pg 169 - 182 its lot of button pushing, you had yours before i had mine ,if you found away to have it set play let me know.\