Automated volume not working on second play


Looked all over for a solution to this Problem:

When I first open a Cubase 5 Project, the Automated volumes work perfectly when I play the Project the first time.

However, if I Stop and Replay, the Automation still works but the Volumes are not at all as they should be.

If I edit the Automation Points during the FIRST looped playback, everything’s fine. Problem is, as soon as I stop playback, I have to save and reload the Project to hear the correct automated volumes.

If I’m not clear, please ask me for more details.

Is this only on one project or is this reproducible with multiple ones?

Am I right, you have other parameters automated than the volume that are still working the second time around?

It’s for all Projects independent of which VST instruments I use.
I am only using Automation for Volume, nothing else.

If I add an empty Bar at the beginning and put a Volume Automation Point in the middle then it works. However it’s the Point right at the beginning that doesn’t work. i.e 00:00.