Automatic avoid collisions around beat 1


I know there might be a better subject line, but here I go:

I spend the major part of my time in the layout fase with moving objects around to avoid collisions or horizontal “build ups” around the first beat in a bar.

Rehearsal letters, chord symbols, dynamics, info text and tempo text tends to build up around or rather ON the first beat in a bar.
I have attached a png to show what I mean.
Skærmbillede ex 2.png
Is it possible to create a function that could solve this graphic mess automatic?
Ex. move the “POWERSYNTH” a bit to the right like in my second png.
Skærmbillede ex 1.png

Move “POWERSYNTH” into the bar before B. Its function is to show what’s about to be used, so give the player some “lead time”. I think there is also a function in Properties to turn off collision avoidance, at least there should be.

I agree it would be better to show it before, not after. Otherwise, the note it applies to would be ambiguous.
There’s no automatic function for this, but as suggested by notesetter, if you turn off Avoid collisions, it won’t mess with the spacing of the rest of the elements, nor with the vertical spacing.

Thanks a lot.
I know the solutions you suggest, I’m looking for an automatic solution!
That would be nice.
I always like to be VERY precise with the sound design changes in synths, so the label must be on the bar where it’s suppose to play.

Sadly, there’s no automatic solution that I know of. I always dealt with the problem by turning off the avoid collisions option.

The problem of course is that Avoid collisions isn’t available for cue labels, rehearsal marks, tempo text and some other things, just for staff and system text. You can’t completely circumvent the pileups.

That’s true. I assumed that two of the objects from the OP’s image were staff or system text. Normally this gets rid of most of the clutter. But you’re right in that it’s impossible to sort it out without manual fiddling each time. Actually this is were I spend most of the time when preparing the score and parts where rehearsal marks occur.

I just wanted to say that I agree, that some improvement in this area would be great. Especially the combination of a chord symbol, a tempo text and a rehearsal mark is very common and easy and repetitive to solve, if I just nudge the rehearsal mark a little bit to the left (kind of half-right-aligned) and then down to align with the other lines (taking your first example, I’d just place the letter B directly to the left of the other lines which all align on beat 1 and keep those where they are). I’d really like to turn off “avoid collisions” for the rehearsal mark there (which should bring it down to its normal position on top of the system) and then adjust its position slightly to the left to prevent the collision of its frame with the texts, but the required option is not available on rehearsal marks. Instead, I’ll have to turn it off on everything else and rearrange all objects around there manually to get the staff spacing right which is blown up to make room for this “rehearsal mark pile”.

So basically, my question is: Why is the option to “avoid collisions” not available on plain and simple EVERY object in engraving mode? It should not be that difficult to take something out of the automatic collision avoidance computings, is it? This would really make sense as a global option (along with playback/scaling/color), I think.

To have some complete automatic help with the “beat 1 piles” is a more complicated wish, I guess, since this depends on some more factors (how much and what is shown) and taste (even more difficult to automate - how much adjustment is allowed and preferred in which direction and why). But if you have some nice ideas how to generalize these problems and implement a solution, I would of course appreciate it, too.

One thing I like to do to resolve rehearsal mark collisions is to slightly increase “Engraving Options — Spacing Gaps — Ideal gap after barline”, like 1¾ spaces. This is because the default value (1½) is exactly half of the default minimum width of the rehearsal mark (3), so this plus the border width can cause center-aligned marks to collide with items in the first rhythmic position.

Maybe Dorico should treat barlines with rehearsal marks as a special case, and perform a similar adjustment only at these points?

As for other items, I’ve run into a similar issue with dynamics and player labels (see the discussion here). Hoping for a better solution on this front, too.

You‘re right, there is a big stacking problem, too, though more for scores, while the one described in this thread occures mostly in parts. Same thing would help there, anyways: If we were allowed to turn collision avoidance off for dynamics, these problems would be much easier to handle (turn off CA, nudge left; done in 90% of all cases).