Automatic beaming?

I am a newbie at Dorico, forgive me if my questions are too basic. – I created the following line with a lot of fiddling around, and I ask myself how my intended beaming could be produced automatically. In particular: how can I produce the 5/16-beaming in the left hand (a dotted 8th beamed & tied to a following 8th)? If I enter (5+4)/16 into the meter-popover I get a quarter note tied to a 16th, if I enter (3+2+4)/16 I get the correct values, but unbeamed.
Apart from that: why is there a gap at the end of some measures? It appears together with the tie (no gap without tie!)
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And 2 more questions:

  1. If I continue with a dotted 16th, how can I create it? If I add a dot to the existing (tied) 16th (last note) it will be applied to the whole value of the f# (which is an 8th note).
  2. How can I create a tempo marking “Quarter = 40-44”?

Thank you for your support!

Set a time signature of [5+4]/16 [press RETURN] and then go to your lower staff and override that with [3+2+4]/16 but press ALT+RETURN to apply that time sig only to that staff.

For lengthening/shortening notes, see here (Dorico sees tied notes as a single note overall, so instead of thinking to add a rhythm dot to the last note in a tie, you lengthen the note overall).

For q=40-44 tempo marks see here (although I think if you enter “q=40-44” directly into the tempo popover it should be input correctly anyway).

Great, thank you! What about the gaps caused by ties?

Is there other material at that rhythmic location in other staves?

Thank you, I got it!

It looks like there was a wrong setting in the “Notensatz”-options - after resetting it the gap disappeared.