Automatic beaming

When I export music from a well-known program into XML it loses the beams, so imports into Dorico as a string of flagged notes without beams. I would like, for example, a group q sq sq to be beamed together. Can Dorico do this automatically, and, if not, can I select each group and add a beam to it?

Not sure about doing it automatically. But you can select the grouping of notes, right click (or whatever variation of that on your machine), and in the menu that appears, under beaming, select beam together.

I believe the same menu items are available in either the edit or write menus, but don’t quote me on that.


Try selecting all the music (for now you have to use a marquee selection, but that won’t be true in 1.0.10), then right-click and choose Beaming > Reset Beaming, which should put things back on an even keel.