Automatic Buss routing for Folder - Not a good idea! WHY?

Greg was asked a question on a live stream 12th April about “Folder Tracks” which would also change the output of any track placed inside them.

Gregs reason for this NOT being a good idea was a shock to me and I am really hoping steinberg doesn’t share this reasoning!

I was so hoping we would see this in C13 and now I am hoping for C14

I think we need 3 types :-
Arrange - Current (historic) Type

Summing - Any tracks placed inside get assigned to its buss/Group

VCA - Tracks placed in this folder simply have overall VCA style control of there level

New types also show up in the mixer and maybe even a pref for the current Type to also be included the mixer, you can still place folders in folders and there output would get moved or not depending on the folder type.

If you’re using folders to organise your workflow in the arrange window why would you not want the same visual feedback in the mixer ? If your using hardware fader or a large controller console say at a the dub stage currently you can not fold a stem down to a single fader (only add a group) which doesn’t save fader space and then you have also need to keep track of what get sent to the group.

I have to say this is not a dig at Greg in anyway! , I really enjoy watching and learning so much from his videos I couldn’t have learn Cubase without him !

I also love Greg but I think in this particular case he didn’t have enough time to think through the topic or he is mentally stuck in old behaviours.

His concenrs are easy to dissolve:

  • what about nested folders?
    Make it so that the output of a nested folder bus is routed to folder bus above it, but don’t change the routing inside that nested folder bus.
  • what about tracks that don’t have an audio channel?
    Don’t touch their routing as there is nothing to route.

Most importantly: Don’t change the current folder track nor the current group track. Add a new track class.

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I think as long as it’s not set to do this function by default, then cool by me.

IMO there should be options to set this function as and how one would like it to work.

If it is a new track class there will be no “function” to set. If you dont want it then just don’t create such a track. Folder tracks and group tracks would continue to exist as they are right now.



100% agree