Automatic clock settings with UR44C and Audirvana

Having a new UR44C running for a few days, I noticed that starting to play music from Audirvana would not have the UR44C set to the output clock of the title automatically. So, when a song has 92 kHz content and the UR44C is set to 44.1 kHz. At play start Audirvana keeps running at 44.1 kHz at the output. I have to manually set the clock in the UR44C driver app in Windows 10 and restart play to have Audirvana show the 92 kHz for output.

Automatic clock adjustments had been working with my prior sound device, so I assume that the problem is not with Audirvana.

Maybe there are experiences over here.

I am not with my UR soundcard now so I can’t test this, but was your old sound device also ASIO, or did you use Wasapi? I run my office computer with Wasapi and Audirvana switches sampling frequence with each song, so I was thinking this might be a ASIO problem?

Yes, the prior device could handle both ASIO and WASAPI. I remember having used it with ASIO most of the time.

Ok so then that is not the problem.