Automatic dating of individual flows?

It would be nice if there were automatic dating of individual flows, so I could keep track of when I did various things. Certainly there are other things that merit more attention, but if it only took a simple line of code that didn’t mess anything else up, it would be somewhat useful to me. Maybe such a thing exists already and I just don’t know where to look; or it’s easy for the user to set up?j

You could probably keep track of flow dates in the some field of the File > Project Info Section which has screen for each flow.

Yes, but not automatic. It would be nice if it would automatically populate some of those fields. I find admin-type business really impedes creativity, and so I generally whizz by it :slight_smile: Thanks, though.j

As long as we are doing wishful thinking, it would be nice to have a recovery system that would allow us easily to restore different flows from different dates. For example, let’s say I updated flows A, B, and C every day this week. ON Friday, I realize I converted the harmonica part to kazoo in flow C on Wednesday and I had done the same thing to flow B on Thursday. It would be nice to be able to restore the Wednesday version of Flow C and the Thursday version of flow B with a simple selection dialog.

I realize I can accomplish this manually by opening all the backup files and exporting the latest correct version of flows B and C, then importing those flows into my current file. But it would nice to make this a lot less manual. And of course, this all implies last-modified datetime being maintained for each flow.