Automatic Device binding.....why?

I own a Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol S61 controller keyboard which I mainly use in Logic X to create music.
Since it is connected thru USB, Nuendo can also receive its MIDI messages, so sometimes there’s 2 DAWS listening to my Komplete Control S61’s midi messages simultaneously.

In order to use its more-advanced MIDI functions like Transport controls, one has to activate the MACKIE CONTROL-functionality on the DAW.
I’ve always used MACKIE CONTROL for my S61 in both DAWS (Logic and Nuendo) simultaneously without any issues, but a couple of weeks ago, Native Instruments introduced an update which made this impossible: MACKIE CONTROLLING from/to the S61 is only working from/to 1 DAW at a time. Fair enough, so I removed the MACKIE CONTROL/ KOMPLETE KONTROL S-Series- device from Nuendo’s Device Setup List, in order to take away my S61’s confusion when my 2 DAW’s were active at the same time.

But now, to my surprise, I discovered that Nuendo automatically creates a new KOMPLETE KONTROL S-SERIES device and adds it to its Device Setup List, and I have to remove it manually again and again each time I restart Nuendo. Is there a way to de-activate this silly automatic device binding?
Removing it from my Device Setup List, doesn’t work, but even choosing “NOT CONNECTED” in Nuendo’s Device Setup List won’t be remembered…
Quite annoying…I am talking Nuendo 8

Any help welcome?!
Thanks, Niek/ Amsterdam.

…not solved in 8.1… :cry: