Automatic frame positioning?

Hi, I was wondering if there are plans for Dorico to include options such as ‘horizontally/vertically centre frame’, 'evenly distribute frames vertically/horizontally, ‘align frame top/bottom/left/right sides’ etc.
This kind of functionality could be an immense time saver.
A frame snapping option would be wonderful as well, so one could drag or stretch a frame and have it snap to other existing frames…

Dorico does not let you center a frame, but as shown in
you can set left and right margins equally to create a centered frame, and of course you can center text within a frame.

Admittedly, you would have to do this for each layout unless you set up the frame as a master page, but it is a start.

I think it’s very likely that we will have more sophisticated features for aligning frames in the future.

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One of the things I can’t do in Finale is attach text to the first bar of a system, but centre that text on the page, between the margins, or the centre of the system. The is a pain when you have to go through 50 parts with different spacing, and move the same text to the centre.
Please can Dorico have this ability?

What kind of text is this for, Steve? This sounds like the kind of thing that in general would be achieved by way of text frames rather than staff-attached text.

One of the things would be attaching titles to flows, where I want new flows to begin on the same page, rather than start a new page. The text frames would be in a different place in every part, so attaching this to the music itself is the only way.
An example would be musical theatre orchestral parts. 51c, 51d, 51e might all be Tacet for some instruments but not others, so would fit all on the same page, but I want the titles centred above the system for each.

Our plan to solve this is to have a better means of handling the material that needs to display when a flow starts midway down the page.

That sounds good! I often have three blocks of info to display.

Just a +1 for this (I was looking around for info and found this thread). So exciting to be able to properly prepare front matter without having to use word/acrobat etc, it will take (literally) days off my score prep time.