automatic grouping rests instead of showing whole rest in empty bars


Is there any sophisticated way to automatically group rests instead of showing whole rest in empty bars?

I am attaching an example bar which is extracted from a transcription of Korean traditional music:
the transcription by an expert:

my alternating notation:

This question is an alternative one for the following question:

No, at the moment there’s no good way to do this. We would like to provide some additional options for when empty bars should show rests other than bar rests, because this is sometimes done in Hollywood film scoring for irregular time signatures, to give the players an extra bit of awareness about irregular meter, even if they’re not playing in all of those bars.

Thank you for your answer.

Meanwhile, I have found a handy, manual way to do it.

  1. Selecting a whole note in an empty bar.
  2. Typing enter.
  3. Pressing ,
  4. Pressing o
  5. inputing the first rest with the value which is equal to the desired grouping of rest.
  6. Copying the rest in the step 5.
  7. Selecting all whole notes in the bars.
  8. Pasting it.

I would just like to say we only need input the first rest in each bar, and it can be done by pasting.