Automatic hit points causing audible clicks

Strange , started a brand new project today and recorded a one off live modular session and the results had audible clicks where the poxy hit points were detected .

Anyone else suffered with this rather major annoyance ?

3 1/2 hours wasted due to automatic hit points , what a pile of crud !

The clicks haven’t recorded to the original file surely??

Can’t you just increase the threshold so no hitpoints are detected.

It’s a pain Grim , never had this before , you can see the Hitpoint and as soon as the cursor goes over the hit point you get an audio click , i thought it was a compressor to start with but no .
I disabled the auto hitpoints in the preferences and the problem was solved while recording AGAIN, bit of a waste of a session but at least there’s a work around … turn the bloody thing off :wink:

I got about 2 minutes into my trial of Cub7.5 and had to turn it off.
It caused something very similar while trying to capture some step sequences from a MS2000.
I got lucky though, I guess, because all I had to do was remove said hitpoints and my audio was fine.
They were short recordings though, about 4 bars each.

I wonder how many of us are using this feature all the time?
My workflow simply doesn’t require tempo matching all that much.
I do use Hitpoints on acoustic kick and snare tracks when I want to replace a live sound.
I do this manually though as the detection still isn’t getting it right.
Usually in a 3-4 minute track there are about 10-15 misplaced hitpoints that have to be fixed.

Hi Rotund
I never use tempo matching or hit points really , my work flow is easy and more towards sound design than songs but all 8 tracks from my Adi 8 had clicks from the automatic Hitpoints . It’s as thou they were as Grim said inbeded in the audio it’s self . Being a long time non complaining user (maybe a twat on the forum at times ) this made my recordings unusable (24b - 48khz ) but it’s strange that i haven’t seen any other complaints about this issue.
Im a lucky one with a rock solid lean Daw but this completely threw me .
Anyway i posted this here just in case someone had the same issue and just to let them know that turning the Auto hit points off by default cures the issue :wink: