Automatic Hitpoint Detection

Hello all,

I love the automatic Hitpoint detection and being able to tab to transient is awesome! However, can it not be used on Midi tracks as well?

It hasn’t been working for me.

I really want the ability to tab between transients on a midi track, much easier to quantize in the particular workflow I have.

anyway know a work around or a way to do this?

Do you mean “notes” on a midi track?

Yes I do. In Pro Tools For instance, If I want to be scientifically positive that I’m cutting right at the first note, I can tab to that first note.

Yes I do mean the notes within the MIDI track.


You could use the command move cursor to next event on the midi track

Just change your grid settings to include “snap to events” and use the tab to MIDI events like RdRm said.

Thank you VERY MUCH!!!