Automatic Input Switching

I’m a world-famous recording engineer with clients like The Turtles, Ike & Tina, George Duke, Frank Zappa, Alice Cooper, The Byrds . . .

I would have gone mad years ago except for the automatic switching of monitoring the input or the playback the 24 track recorders included. We DO NOT have that extremely valuable feature in Cubase yet.

Approaching the punch-in point we hear playback [so we can hear what we’ve already recorded]

At the instant we punch in (by holding down the play button and additionally pressing the record button) the monitor automatically switches to INPUT [so we can hear what we’re recording now]

Holding down the play button, we press the RECORD button to do a rolling punch out [which switches the monitor back to playback]

Having to MANUALLY click the monitoring button to select playback or input is annoying and time-consuming.

ONE CLICK = monitors playback
ONE MORE CLICK = monitors input
ONE MORE CLICK = “A” AUTOMATIC SWITCHING = monitors input while stopped, playback while playing, input when punched in


If you go to Preferences > VST > Auto Monitoring and select Tapemachine Style, I believe it should do what you’re asking for.