Automatic Mirrored Master Pages

I was just thinking that it would be nice if Dorico could take the work I do in creating the left side Master page and automatically generate a “mirror image” for the right side. Then the user could simply make any tweaks if necessary to this automatically generated page. The current practice of drawing text frames, music frames, and graphics frames twice can introduce variations in the size and placement of the frames from one page to the other, as well as taking the extra time to input these items TWICE.

I think that in most contexts, the page # will be one item that will be “mirrored” to be justified left or right. The user would still have the opportunity to override this as needed. :bulb:

We certainly intend to add some features for easily mirroring master page layouts in a future update. Sadly they won’t be included in the forthcoming 1.0.30 update.

On this note, and I’m sure that the Dorico team is on this, but I look forward to at some point in the future saving my own set of Master Page Templates for use across my scores. Would be also be nice to have typical units like composer or title fields that could be quickly dragged and dropped into position. Looking forward to what comes.



I know, that this is a very old thread, but I didn’t want to start an new thread for the same topic.
An intelligent way to mirror a master page from left to right or vice versa would be very welcome. Perhaps a Master Page could be mirrored by default, when copy from left to right and Page Margins are set to “mirrored”? Or the copy buttons turn into “Mirror buttons”, when you hold down Alt (or Crtl or Shift …) when you click on them. Just a thought.
Would save me a lot of time, because I work with mirrored Page Margins most of the time.