Automatic new bar doesn't happen

I’m using Dorico 4 SE, the free version.

According to the manual (p. 274), “Normally you do not need to create bars in Dorico SE, as they are created automatically as needed when you input music.”

Not for me! I cannot get this to happen. I have to manually add bars whenever I get to the end and want to keep going.

So what am I doing wrong? Is there some preference that controls this or something?

Hi @Robert_Bethune1
MIDI live recording (where you press the red record button) will not add up bars.

But if you use the caret in write mode to insert notes, Dorico just adds what you need: in write mode, select the last note, click ENTER or RETURN key to enter note input mode, move with the arrow keys to the desired input position, choose the duration (for example 5 for eight note), click on a note name or a note on your mid keyboard. Dorico should advance automatically at every note that you enter.

Of course I assume you already created a time signature (meter) at the beginning of the piece (no time signature no bars)

I see what I’m doing. I’m trying to use the mouse to enter the new note and trigger the automatic addition of the new bar. When I hit a note name on the keyboard, I get the automatic new bar. Apparently you can’t make this happen with the mouse?

Why you don’t create many bars so you can Input wherever you want and at the end of inputting just choose menu Write/Trim flow or delete the non needed bars with the system track. ?

This is a fair point, I’ve made a note to review the docs here. Thanks for sharing your feedback, @Robert_Bethune1 !

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Using the mouse for note entry is probably the slowest and least accurate method. You’ll be much quicker using the computer keyboard. (MIDI keyboard faster still.)

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Echoing benwiggy’s comment here – get away from the mouse as quickly as you can. Notes can be entered much more efficiently by other means mentioned.

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